Top 30 Highest Earning Websites in the world

Online Market is one of the most famous method to make money. All the website owner's dream is to take their site into top and earn some money through it. In this list, today we will see the top 30 websites which has earned the most money in 2012. In this top 30 ranking.

List of Top 30 Highest Earning Websites

1. Google 
Founders : Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Income per sec :$691.29
Average income of the year :$22,000,000,000

2. Amazon
Founders : Jeff Bezos
Income per sec :$607.05
Average income of the year :$19,200,000,000

3. Yahoo
Founders : Jerry Yang and David Filo
Income per sec :$228.31
Average income of the year :$7,200,000,000

4. eBay
Founders : Pierre Omidyar
Income per sec :$199.45
Average income of the year :$ 6,300,000,000

5. Msn/LiveFounders : Nathan Myhvoid
Income per sec :$102.00
Average income of the year :$ 3,200,000,000

6. Paypal
Founders : Luke Nosek, Max Levchin and Peter Thiel
Income per sec :$71.40
Average income of the year :$2,250,000,000

7. iTunes
Founders : Jeff Robin
Income per sec :$60.00
Average income of the year :$1,900,000,000

8. RuetersFounders : Marshal Vace
Income per sec :$60.00Average income of the year :$1,900,000,000

9. Priceline
Founders : Jesse Fink
Income per sec :$59.6
Average income of the year :$1,850,000,000

10. Expedia
Founders : Added Mark Schroeder
Income per sec :$46.00
Average income of the year :$1,450,000,000

11. NetFlixFounders : Reed Hastings
Income per sec :$38.00
Average income of the year :$1.100.000,000

12. TravelocityFounders : Terry Jones
Income per sec :$38.00Average income of the year :$1.100.000,000
13. Zappos
Founders : Nick Swinmurn
Income per sec :$31.70
Average income of the year :$1,000,000,000

Founders : David Litman
Income per sec :$31.70
Average income of the year :$1,000,000,000

15. AOL
Founders : Erik Prince
Income per sec :$30.50
Average income of the year :$960,000,000

16. Orbitz
Founders : Jeff Katz
Income per sec :$28.00
Average income of the year :$870,000,000

17. OverstockFounders : Robert Brazell
Income per sec :$27.00Average income of the year $834,000,000

18. Myspace
Founders : Tom Anderson
Income per sec :$25.00
Average income of the year $800.000.000

19. Skype
Founders : Niklas Zennstrom
Income per sec :$18.00
Average income of the year : $550,840,000

20. Sohu
Founders : Zhang Chaoyang
Income per sec :$14.00
Average income of the year: $430,000,000

Founders : Robb Brock
Income per sec :$12.68
Average income of the year : $400,000,000

22. StubHub
Founders : Eric Baker
Income per sec : $13.00
Average income of the year : $ 430,000,000

23. Alibaba
Founders : Jack Ma
Income per sec : $10.00
Average income of the year: $315,000,000

24. Facebook
Founders : Mark Zuckerberg
Income per sec :$9.50
Average income of the year : $300,000,000

25. YouTube
Founders : Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen
Income per sec :$9.50
Average income of the year : $300,000,000

26. Blue Nile
Founders : Mark Vadon
Income per sec :$9.40
Average income of the year: $295,000,000

27. Tripadvisor
Founders : Stephen Kaufer
Income per sec :$8.20
Average income of the year : $ 250,000,000

28. Getty Images
Founders : Mark Getty
Income per sec :$7.40
Average income of the year : $230,000,000

29. Bidz
Founders : Garry Itkin
Income per sec :$6.70
Average income of the year : $200,000,000

30. NYTimes
Founders : Henry Jarvis Raymond
Income per sec :$6.00
Average income of the year : $175,000,000

5 cool Windows-7 Keyboard Tips and Tricks

Anyone working professionally with a computer has their hands on the keyboard most of the time. Reaching for the mouse can be an annoying disturbance and personally I often turn over my mouse in such situations. An easy solution is to simply keep the hands on the keyboard and complete as many tasks as possible with keyboard shortcuts only.

Apart from making you work more efficiently and faster, you can also impress your friends or colleagues by being able to work without a mouse. This article describes some cool Windows 7 keyboard tricks to get you started. In the end you might never want to take your hands off the keyboard again.

For your convenience, more keyboard shortcut resources are attached at the bottom.
Note that some of these shortcuts will only work if Windows Aero is enabled. If Aero effects are disabled on your computer, it might not be powerful enough to support resource intensive graphical features. The visual effects may also have been disabled to increase overall performance. If you wish to enable Aero nevertheless, have a look at my recent article explaining

1. Aero Shortcuts
[Windows] + [Spacebar] (Aero Peek)
Make all open windows transparent to view gadgets and icons on desktop.

[Windows] + [D] (Aero Peek)
Show or hide the desktop.

[Windows] + [Home] (Aero Shake)
Minimize all but selected window. Reverse by clicking the key combination again.

[Windows] + left arrow OR [Windows] + right arrow (Aero Snap)
Dock selected window to the left or right half of your screen.

[Windows] + up arrow OR [Windows] + down arrow (Aero Snap)
Maximized and restores the selected window.

[Windows] + [SHIFT] + up arrow OR [Windows] + [SHIFT] + down arrow (Aero Snap)
Maximizes and restores selected window in vertical dimension only.

[Windows] + [Tab] (Aero Flip)
Launch 3D representation of open windows and click [Tab] key again to flip through them.

2. Windows & Taskbar

[Alt] + [Ctrl] + [Tag] + left/right/up/down arrow
Flip window.

[Alt] + [Tab]
Cycle through open windows.

[Windows] + [T] OR [Windows] + [SHIFT] + [T]
Move focus to front or back of taskbar. Press [T] again while holding the [Windows] key to cycle through items in the taskbar from left to right or, with [SHIFT] button held too, from right to left.

[Windows] + [B]
Puts focus on the ‘show hidden icons’ button on the system tray.

[Windows] + [1] THROUGH [Windows] + [9]
Launch first through ninth icon on taskbar, including items pinned to taskbar.

[Windows] + [SHIFT] + [1] THROUGH [Windows] + [SHIFT] + [9]
Starts new instance of respective taskbar icon.

[Windows] + [Ctrl] + [1] THROUGH [Windows] + [Ctrl] + [9]
Cycles through multiple instances of the respective icon.

[Windows] + [Alt] + [1] THROUGH [Windows] + [Alt] + [9]
Opens jump list for respective icon.

3. Multiple Monitors

[Windows] + [SHIFT] + right arrow OR [Windows] + [SHIFT] + left arrow
Move selected window from one monitor to another. They will remain in the same relative location.

[Windows] + [P]
Select presentation display mode.

4. Magnifier
[Windows] + [+] OR [Windows] + [-]
Activates Windows Magnifier to zoom in or out of screen.

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [D]
Switch to docked mode.

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [L]
Switch to lense mode.

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F]
Switch from docked or lens mode back to full screen mode.

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [I]
Invert colors.

[Windows] + [Esc]
Exist magnifier views.

5. Other tricks

[Windows] + [G]
Cycle through desktop gadgets.

[Windows] + [X]
Launches Windows Mobility Center. Especially useful if you’re working on a laptop.

VLC Tips and Tricks

VLC 0.9 has released to widespread acclaim. The media player of choice for many, has packed in a horde of new features and marked changes in the design and interface. There are only two issues we have with the new design, which we will put out of the way first. The playback bar has jazzed up buttons, which won’t appeal to those who went for the minimalist charm of VLC. They have also inverted the direction in which the scroll works with the media, you scroll down to go backward, and scroll up to go forward which is counterintuitive to everyone and irritating to the long term users. Now for the good stuff.

1. Adjust The Colour Of The Video
In the playback bar, click on the icon that looks like the equaliser for lesser media players. This is right next to the playback button. Then select the ‘video effects’ tab. The ‘basic’ tab will be selected by default. Check the ‘image adjust’ checkbox. From here, you can adjust the hue, saturation, contrast, brightness and gamma of the image. There is also a ‘brightness threshold’ slider. The changed take place in real time, an this can be used to enhance dark videos.

2. Take Snapshots Of The Video
a. Play Video then Click on Video>Snapshot 
b. Go to Tools > Preferences > Video. Under video snapshots, enter the directory, a prefix, check ‘sequential numbering’ and choose a format. The default is .png. To take the snapshot while the video is playing, go to Video > Snapshot. Alternatively, you can take a snapshot using the keyboard with the hotkey [Shift] + [S]. To use a button to take a snapshot, go to Tools > Advanced Controls. The snapshot button appears on the playback bar.

3. Stream Video Across A Network
This can be used to broadcast a video over the Net, or to stream videos to everyone’s PC in the office at once, or to everyone’s laptops in a conference room. Click on advanced open file, select ‘show more options’. On the bottom right corner, next to the play and cancel buttons will be a small additional options button. Click on this, and select stream. A stream output dialogue will pop up.

You can select the encapsulation, the video and audio codecs and the bitrate. Remember that not all formats can be converted to all other formats, this is a limitation of the format and not of the player. Under outputs, select a protocol. Selecting multiple protocols will stream the video output in all the protocols. To open a stream, go to ‘Advanced open file’, select the ‘Network’ tab and select the relevant protocol and address.

4. Add A Ticker To The Video
Go to Tools > Preferences, select ‘All’ under ‘Show Settings’
Go to Video > Subtitles/OSD > Marquee. Enter the text in the marquee, and the text will scroll across the screen while the video is playing. You can also tweak the settings to get an RSS feed to scroll across the video. Copy the feed url, then go to Tools > Preferences, select ‘all’ under ‘show settings; Go to Video > Subtitles/OSD tick on “RSS and Atom feed display’ and enter the URL in the bar.

There is an option to display or not display images in the feeds.

5. Add Effects To The Video
We are not sure why this feature is provided, but it is fun and users may discover innovative uses for them.
Click on the effects button. Go to Video Effects > Image Modification.
The gradient effect gives a cartoonish feel to the video. The motion blur has a factor slider. These are the two main effects. The other effects include waves, motion detect, noise, water and psychedelic. You can apply a selection of these effects at once to the video. The changes take place in real time.

6. To Resume Playback From A Specific Time
If you were interrupted while watching a video or a movie, and want to resume from the exact moment you left off, there are two ways to do it. 
While playing the movie, go to Playback > Go to specific time, and enter the time in dialogue that pops up.
The other way to do this is to go to Media > Advanced open file, check ‘Show more options’ and enter the Start Time.

7.Use VLC As A Transcoder
Open a file, then go to Media > Convert/Save. In the file tab, click on the Convert/Save button.
Select the ‘File’ checkbox under ‘Outputs’. Enter a file name. Make sure that draw raw input is unchecked.
Then select an encapsulation, that is basically the format under ‘profile’.
Select a video codec and audio codec under the ‘Video codec’ and ‘Audio codec’ tabs.
You can save files in a format to be played on a portable media device.
Click on Save.

8.Change The Jump Settings
There are hotkeys to jump backwards and forwards through the file (refer to the list of hotkeys). The default values for the ‘Very short’, ‘Short’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Long’ jumps can be changed as per individual preferences.
Go to Tools > Preferences under ‘Show settings’ select ‘All’. Go to Interface > Hotkey Settings and under ‘Jump sizes’ edit the values as per your preferences. You can also use this window to change the default hotkeys, and add hotkeys to functions that have no default hotkeys.

9.Using The Loop Function
VLC can loop a part of a song or a video over and over again. To use this feature, go to Tools > Advanced controls. The loop button should appear on the playback bar. Open the file you want to play, click the button when you come to the part on the media you want to start the loop at. Click on the button again at the part of the file you want the loop to end. VLC will now start playing that portion of a file in an endless loop till you click on the loop button again to stop the loop.

10.Play Image Files In VLC
VLC has the capability to play image files without having to mount the image files on a virtual drive first. Although many formats are supported, many are not. Open an image file directly for the video to start playing.

11. Listen to podcasts.
Go to Playlist > Additional Sources > Configure Podcasts. Add the podcast url, or add multiple urls.
Go to Playlist > Additional sources > Podcasts.
Go to Playlist > Show playlist. The list of podcasts you added should appear in the playlist window now. Double-click on one to start playing.

12. Listen To Online Radio
To listen to online radio, go to Playlist > Shoutcast Radio Listings.
Then go to Playlist > Show Playlist. The Shoutcast radio option should have appeared below the ‘Playlist’ and ‘Media Library’ options. A long list of genres and radio stations will appear. Select one that you want to listen to you. Some of the stations listed don’t work, and some might make the player crash. Some stations are listed under multiple genres.

13. Prevent Screensaver Interruption
This is a highly useful feature that prevents a screensaver from interrupting the movie you are watching.
Go to Tools > Preferences. In the dialogue that pop ups, look at the bottom left corner, and select the ‘All’ radio button under ‘Show settings’. Click on ‘Video’ preferences, and under ‘General Video Settings’ look for the ‘Disable Screensaver’ checkbox.

14. Skins
VLC supports skins. VLC skins can be downloaded from their site, but VLC also supports winamp 2 and xmps skins. Go to Tools > Preferences. In ‘Interface’, select the ‘Skins’ radio button and load the skin file from here.

Weenie Google Tricks

Weenie Google Tricks                      

Click Here to see Trick
Weenie Google is the flip side of Epic Google. Once the page loads, the logo, search bar, “Search” and “I’m Feeling Inadequate” buttons,immediately begin to shrink to inscrutable and barely-usable sizes. Is fun, no?

Epic Google Tricks

Epic Google Tricks                  

Click Here to see Trick
Epic Google is Google on steroids — not the enhanced performance however, just the obscene bulk. Once the page loads, the logo, search bar, “Search” and “I’m Feeling Excessive” buttons, all swell until they either float off the page or you type a search and get the heck outta there

All the Google Doodles

All the Google Doodles                  

Click Here to see Trick
Over the years, Google has released several of its “doodles”—a temporary re-design of the Google logo made as a tribute to a historical event or the birthday of someone who has changed the world for the better. Through the link below, you’ll find all of the Google Doodles, not only the American versions.

Google Tilt or Askew Tricks

Google Tilt or Askew Tricks        

Click Here to see Tricks
Typing the word “tilt” or “askew” on Google (specifically if you’re using the Chrome or Safari browser) commands the search engine to “tilt” the whole screen slightly to the right.

Google Sphere Tricks

Google Sphere Tricks              

Click Here to see Tricks
Google Sphere turns every little element you commonly see on Google’s homepage into a swirling “sphere.” It’s pretty cool, but it’s no longer implemented on Google. To see how it once worked, just visit the link below.

Google Rainbow Tricks

Google Rainbow Tricks        

Click Here to see Tricks
Like a handful of the other Fun Google Tricks included in this list, this third-party website that has no official affiliation with Google but only offers its two cents in letting people experience the search engine in a delightful way. If you like colors, this site delivers it—although it may remind you more of the internet circa early-1990s, with all its animated GIFs.

Google Barrel Roll

Google Barrel Roll         

Click Here to see Trick
A Fun Google trick that is still accessible today, the barrel roll means exactly as it says: make Google do a barrel roll. Simply type “Do a barrel roll” into the search bar and Google dutifully obeys. Warning: This Especially Fun Google Trick is known to make babies cry and grown men squeal with delight.

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